In my eyes, baking is magic. You mix different ingredients which are tasteless by themselves, but at the end you have a delicious cake with an enticing smell that you can't ignore.

I grew up with this unbelievable magic. I remember my mom rolling dough, using cookie cutters, and pouring batter into the cake pan.  I helped her on special occasions like our Persian New Year. These times felt incredible to me; I was in the middle of a world of taste, smell and color. I touched the flour and its softness surprised me.  I inhaled the aroma of rosewater and orange zest.  When my mom added saffron to the batter while I stirred, I asked myself how this bright yellow color appeared.  I was delighted when I finally had some dough in my hands.  I could roll it or shape it as I pleased.  As a child, that was extraordinary because l had a role in this magic.

As the years passed, I grew up, went to college, got married and still I helped my mom bake pastries. One day in my pregnancy I thought, In a few months, I will become a mom and I should learn to bake by myself.  In this way l can pass the magic on to my own daughter.  My first efforts were good, and little by little they became perfect.  When my daughter was two, we made a plain dough and I cooked it in the oven.  I asked her: It's magic, isn't it?  She nodded with a bright smile.

When my family and I moved to the U.S., I started to learn new ways of baking and extended my skills. Sometimes I mixed new styles with my Persian style. I love to use real butter, unbleached flour and fresh ingredients.

I like baking in this style so much that I decided to start a business. I passed the food safety course required by the Colorado Cottage Foods Act. Now I share my joy with you and you can taste my magic!