About Us




   Travelling from the central plains of Persia (today Iran) to Boulder, Atanaz has mastered the recipes that are hundreds and thousands of years old. Generation after generation, these recipes have passed from parents and grandparents to their children and grandchildren. Atanaz is producing the art of Persian confectionary in the heart of America. Every single cookie of Rosewater Bakery is a blend of spice, herbs, and nuts that originates deep in Iranian culture and history. The sweet scent and yellowish color of saffron, the mixture of rice and garbanzo flour, the magical scent of cardamom, the sweet taste of rosewater are just some of the secrets of Atanaz's cookies.



   Rosewater Bakery offers variety of Persian cookies for different tastes and diets. Everyone can find the cookie that matches her or his preference. Gluten free, less sugar, all natural are all available at Rosewater. Our small package can provide you a healthy, sweet snack. We can bring color and taste to your parties or social gatherings. We can add a bit of oriental exoticism to your big parties, wedding, and graduation ceremonies.